Water Resistance
Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water!

If like me, you thought that you were safe to take a shower or wash the car wearing a watch rated water resistant to 3ATM/30 metres/100 feet, think again. The table below shows that water resistance ratings are confusing.
Case Rating Rain, Splashes etc. Car Washing, Swimming Diving, Snorkelling SCUBA
Not Rated No No No No
Water Resistant Yes No No No
50 Metres Yes Yes No No
100 Metres Yes Yes Yes No
200-300 Metres Yes Yes Yes Yes*
*Not suitable for depths which require helium-oxygen mixture
Other Precautions

- If your watch is fitted with a screw down crown, ensure it is fully tightened before exposing to moisture - even steam can cause a problem.
- Don't operate the crown, or if a chronograph the pushers, whilst exposed to water.
- The temperature in hot tubs and saunas can distort the seals on a watch and destroy water resistance.
- Avoid exposing your watch to perfumes, hair spray and other solvents such as petrol (gasoline), paint thinners and similar substances. These can penetrate and   weaken the watch seals.
- When your watch has been exposed to salt-water or heavily chlorinated water, always rinse the watch in clean water.
- If you regularly use your watch for diving, ensure that the seals are checked every year.
- Resist the temptation to open the watch yourself "just to have a look at the movement". More problems are caused by this than anything else.
- Finally, if water does enter your watch, take it to a watch repairer immediately. The watch will not dry out by itself and delay may result in the expensive replacement of a rusted movement.


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