Speedbird III
It's hard to believe that it's almost seven years since the PRS-1 Speedbird was launched. It was an instant success and examples of the PRS-1 now command in excess of the original selling price, when they can be found.

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Although it quickly sold out, many people stated that they did not buy it because it didn't have a date and so, in 2002, the Speedbird II was launched in both black and ivory dial versions with a date.
Speedbird II
Just 38 pieces of the "Goldbird" were sold with a choice of three different dials.
2001 - Speedbird PRS-1 introduced - 300 pieces
2002 - Speedbird II PRS-7 introduced - 300 pieces total (black and ivory dials available)
2003 - "Goldbird" introduced - 38 pieces total (3 dial designs available)

The new Speedbird III has been in planning, design and production for three years and is the highest specification of all the Speedbirds with an anti-magnetic rating of 80,000 A/m, superb stainless steel bracelet, tested for negative pressure to 0.4 ATM (to stop the crystal "popping" at altitude) and the crown tube is screwed into the case exactly as found on watches costing many times more.

From 4 September 2013, the Speedbird III PRS-22 is fitted with the ETA2824-2 "Top" movement.
The Speedbird III is guaranteed for two years and will be supplied fitted with the steel bracelet with Speedbird NATO strap and one single watch travel case.
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