Precista PRS-45

There's no concealing that the Precista Aerotimer is an homage to Blancpain's Air Command.

Blancpain’s Air Command model is one of the most legendary collector’s wristwatches - but equally myth-enshrouded. In fact, there is no official documentation about this model and scholars are of the opinion that it was never commercialized or produced in series. Following the firm’s success within the divers community and supplying, amongst others, the US Navy, Blancpain decided to enter the market for pilot’s watches and apparently proposed the Air Command to the US Air Force. No orders were placed and the Air Command project was not pursued.

Like many other Swiss manufacturers, Blancpain was hit by the quartz crisis and, in the early 1970s, had to sell many of its assets, including some unfinished watches. With only a handful of specimen of this mythical model known to have survived, it is hard to determine what the exact specifications of the Air Command are. However, as some of the
Air Commands have Blancpain-signed movements, it is possible that examples like the one presented here have only been assembled and fitted with a Valjoux 222 after the sell-off of the cases, dials, bezels and pushers and hands.

With its robust diameter of 42mm, excellent specification and fascinating history, the Precista Aerotimer is one of the most captivating retro chronographs available today. Originally designed for pilots, it looks equally good when worn outside the cockpit.
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