Precista PRS-82
The Precista Royal Navy diver is arguably the rarest of all British issued dive watches, being issued in 1981 and 1982 only. The stock number is 0552/923-7697 which curiously, was also the number used on Rolex and CWC issued divers around this time. I have seen only two examples offered for sale in the last 12 months and both commanded a price in excess of £2,000. Hardly Milsub prices but nonetheless, higher than anyone would have thought possible a few years ago.

Apart from the asymmetrical case, the most distinctive feature of this model is the hands; the hands have two familiar names, one of them is "snake head" hands and you'll have to use Google for the other name ;-)

The new old stock ETA2783 used in earlier versions of this watch are no longer available, the PRS-82 is now supplied with the ETA2824-2 with decorated rotor. The luminous is the same "vintage lume" used on the dials of the Precista PRS-20 California dial.  The Precista PRS-82 is guaranteed for 2 years.
In Stock £425.00
PRECISTA Royal Navy Diver PRS-82


Precista PRS-82
Precista PRS-82
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