Precista PRS-30
This watch was conceived during a forum discussion from June 2008. Several designs were put forward before finally deciding on this one and during the discussion it was suggested that this should be a bronze watch. Had it been possible to source the correct grade of bronze at the time, the PRS-30 woujld have been one of the first bronze watches available. In the event, sourcing a (comparatively) small quantity of bronze proved difficult until a supplier who was prepared to supply it in kilos, rather than tonnes, was located in Switzerland.

One of the main appeals of bronze watches is the way in which the case slowly oxidises and changes colour to a rich chocolate brown, in the same way as bronze works of art patinate. Of course the natural bronze colour can be maintained if preferred by gentle polishing or wiping with a mildly acidic liquid (Coca-Cola is recommended by some). Patination will not initially be uniform across the entire case although this can be accelerated by using any of the methods to be found by conducting a "Google" search.

The thumbnails below show some of the design suggestions posted during the discussions. Thanks to Chris Parker for his design shown on the right, the design which went forward for production.
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PRECISTA Bronze Watch PRS-30


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The watch has a 33mm visible dial, which is of two-layer sandwich construction with a dark brown/charcoal dial and SuperLuminova C3 coating on the under-dial showing through the numbers and indices cut-outs. The domed sapphire crystal is 2.2mm thick and has anti-relective coating to the underside. The 12-pointed star crown (unique to this watch) measures 4.5mm high by 7mm across and is signed with the Precista "P" ambigram. The hands are black frame with SuperLuminova C3 filled tips; the end of the seconds hand is also luminous coated.

The PRS-30 bronze watch is packed in a Peli case and comes with two hand-made leather straps, one signed bronze buckle and is guaranteed for 2 years.

Please make a note in the "Comments" box on the order whether you want the black or brown strap fitting to the watch.

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