Omega Constellation Cal.1340
Omega Calibre 1340
All the setting functions on this watch, apart from the date, are set via the crown. The crown has a push-in centre which is depressed for setting the minutes and seconds. I find that a wooden cocktail stick is ideal for operating the pushers and avoids scratching the watch.

Setting the Hour and Day

Pull out the crown and rotate until the correct day and hour are indicated. The hour hand will advance jerkily in one hour increments. When the correct day and hour are selected, push the crown home. The minute hand will not change during this operation.

Setting the Minutes and Seconds

With the crown fully home, depress the centre of the winding crown and hold for approximately 15 seconds. Release and again depress and hold the centre of the crown immediately and the seconds hand will rotate rapidly, adjusting the minutes. Release when the correct minute setting has been achieved. To synchronise the seconds hand to a time signal, either depress and hold the centre of the crown to stop the seconds hand or repeatedly depress and release to advance the seconds hand rapidly. Release the centre of the crown when the correct setting has been achieved.

Setting the Date

Depress the recessed pusher below the crown and adjacent to the 4 o' clock position to advance the date. Repeatedly press and release until the correct date setting is achieved.


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