Contact Information


Time Factors is operated by:

Edward Platts

Contact Address:

38 Swanbourne Road
South Yorkshire
S5 7TL

Telephone : +44 114 240 0078 (outside UK) 0114 240 0078 (in UK)

e-mail (preferred method of contact):

Customer Service

Customer service is available from 08:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs UTC Monday to Friday.
All customer service enquiries should be addressed to myself, Eddie Platts, and you can either e-mail me, including the words "CUSTOMER SERVICE" in the subject line or you can telephone on:

0044 114 240 0078 from outside the UK
0114 240 0078 within the UK

If calling from outside the UK, calls will be charged at the standard tariff usually charged from your location by your telecoms company for calls to the UK.

All calls within the UK will be charged at the rate usually charged by your telecoms company.
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