Bulova Combitron
Bulova Combitron
The watch has, in addition to a normal crown, two small buttons at approximately 4(R) and 8(L) o'clock positions. These will be referred to as buttons R and L in the following text. They are used only for operating the Digital Display.

Digital display can be varied between hour and minute display, (which can vary from the analogue time display to show different time zones, if required) and a display of seconds on the left and the date on the right. This is achieved by pressing button R.

Digital display can also be used as a stop-watch or count down timer; pressing button L will change the display to 00:00. Counting is started by pressing button R, stopped, and re-started also by pressing button R. When stopped, the normal dismay will be returned by pressing button L. twice.,

Note that for the first hour of timing mode, minutes and seconds are displayed, then changing automatically to hours and minutes.

Pressing both buttons together will display flashing MONTH on left and stationary DATE on right. Display will revert to normal after a few seconds. However, if the MONTH is incorrect, pressing button R whilst it is flashing will change it. To alter the DATE, press button L whilst MONTH is flashing, and, as above, can be corrected by pressing button R.

Pressing button L whilst DATE is flashing will alter display to show HOURS (24 hour clock) and MINUTES.
Changes are achieved as before, L button used to alter the display, and R button to make the setting.

N.B. When the last setting (minutes) has been made, wait until the exact second is shown or heard by means of a time signal, and press button L at the signal; this will restart the digital time display.

The ANALOGUE DISPLAY is set by pulling out the crown and turning to set the hands in the usual way. However, it is important to note two points:

1. The minute hand moves a very small amount every 5 seconds i.e. 12 moves per minute.
2. The minute hand movement does NOT stop whilst the crown is pulled out.
Thanks to Peter Weakley for supplying setting instructions for this rare watch


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